Monday, March 8, 2010

Comfort Food

Today was one of those days that required chocolate, and not just a little bit.  I started with these (I wish I could say I only ate a few) I have three two and a half boxes of them in my desk at work.

And then had these after dinner (which was fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, creamed gravy, and mixed vegetables):

Sorry I don't have a picture of mine...I ate them all was too lazy to get the camera out after that meal.

So I am going to blame it on Bakerella.  And, you know, Bakerella is my friend.  Well, she doesn't know she is, but she is.  Because she, after all, is the one who introduced me to these, that were a topic of lust and indulgence not so long ago.
And these. (My friend Melissa makes much better cake balls than I; could you demonstrate, Mel?)

And finally, these.

After that, today is a better day. Tomorrow I will have a date with my running buddies.  Tomorrow.

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