Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shotguns and Bunnies...

My teenage was shopping at a local feed store with his uncle last night, and called me while perusing the toys (looking for his little sister a birthday gift). 

Brady:  Hey mom...if I get Katie a pink shotgun will she play with it? (FYI...she will be four in two weeks)
Me:  Brady, I would rather you didn't.  No, she won't play with it.  Mom really doesn't like guns.
Brady:  OK, she won't? 
Me:  No.

(a few minutes later)

This picture comes (nevermind the fabulous photography of your average cell phone):

Brady:  Would Katie like a bunny?  (OMG...look how cute that little gray guy is looking up at the camera...as if to say, "Me?  You want me?  Don't you have a cat?")
Me:  Katie would love a bunny!  (But Miko would eat it)

Birthday shopping doesn't come so easy this year for some, I guess. 
I love you, Brady, for trying!

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