Friday, April 2, 2010

a letter!

I was so excited to get a letter in the mail today from my sweet friend Cassie!  Gosh, not many letters come in the mail these days, and it's so fun to get one!  I also got a card from my other dear friend, this was a sweet mail week. I think that this deserves a challenge...even though I may just have one or two readers on my blog...(helloooooo out there!) I want you guys to play along.  Send a letter to a friend next week.  Only one.  If you get excited and sit down (do we really do that these days?) write three or four.  You will make somebody smile a few days later when they open their mailbox.  I promise.  Go find your favorite pen and some pretty paper you have stashed away, or make it fun and write on the back of a cereal box and mail it.  Here we go!

Comment here when you do it!!
Have fun, dears! 

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