Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in the Life--Day 1

Monday, April 19, 2010.

*Wake with coffee.  My regular routine.  Quiet computer time (rare).  It gets interesting better, I promise.

Sleepy baby.

Sonic.  Route 44 Diet Coke with Vanilla.  Every day.  $.99.  I had a picture to share of my teacher buddy, Melissa, and I with our Sonic drinks, but:

*left the camera at work.  What?  On the first day?

*Trip to the library.  Scored 5 May 2010 magazines for $1.00.  Yay! I bought Lucky, Martha Stewart Living, All You, First, and In Style.  That's about $20 worth of magazines, folks...for a $1. 

*Planned to go to Cotton Patch for $5.99 chicken fried steak, but forgot we were mystery shoppers scheduled for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  Yum. 

(iPhone shot #1)

We ate:
*that yummy brown bread with real butter
*BBQ bacon cheeseburger (william)
*Chicken Enchiladas (trina)
*a little of both (katie) + chocolate milk
*Linda's Fudge Cake and Stephanies Red Velvet Cheesecake to go; extra whipped cream

Oh, and I skipped the gym today.  Yep, the day I probably will need it most.  Oh, well, always tomorrow.

A little bit of shopping:

Me: nothing (dang)
William:  new yellow and blue Converse tennis shoes.

William:  "Repeat after me, Katie.  Miko, Bucky, Bandito, Curran." (teaching her the cat's name)
Katie:  "Miko. Bucky. Bandbito, Curran.  Stinky Meeks."

Goal today:
Lose 15 pounds before school is out.  Yea, right...started off well.

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  1. Yeah! What a fun day!!! I think its hilarious that you have quiet computer time in the morning before you go to school and spend the day on the computer... I guess you've gotta check out those sights that are blocked- boo facebook!!