Sunday, May 2, 2010

50 First Weeks

I feel like I have totally fallen off the Week in the Life Project bandwagon.  Wow!  Instead of keeping me accountable I went the opposite direction.  But I decided to share some highlights, even though they are a full week late. 

A visit with a dear friend from work, and Miss Lucie, the very pretty diva kitty. 

We only get together about once every six months or so, but we usually need a good hen session and always, brie cheese!

Made this yummy recipe to take to work for our Administrative Assistant luncheon.  It tastes just like eating cookie dough out of the bowl.

Friday night, we spent the night with William's mom, and had a quick visit, but she made yummy pancakes for breakfast, which is always one of my favorite things about visiting her.  Gosh, I wish I had a picture of the breakfast table for you.

Went to see my sis-in-law's sonogram, and I will be an aunt to another little boy!  Yay!  Don't know his name yet, but rumor that day was Maverick Denton. 

Katie decided to ride back to the lake with Mimi and Aunt Deanna and her cousin, Morgan, so Daddy and I got to spend some time doing some shopping.  We came home (well, with the receipt, anyway) with this, and the dryer that matches:

Saturday night, we spent at the lake for Papa's birthday.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill (again...lacking pictures here...what was I thinking?), and just enjoyed the lake house in such beautiful weather.  The kids had fun on the paddle boat.

and they fished. 
Isn't this a handsome boy?

And then they found a baby snapping turtle.

What a cute little guy.

See his little foot?  "Get me outta here!!!"

Run, turtle, run!

"I bite!"

Morgan and Katie

The irises were blooming there.

And the sunset was blooming beautiful.

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  1. I LOVE the cute little turtle. Wish you would have brought him back. We need a mascot at school. :)