Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mad Birdies

  We celebrated  William's 39th birthday, although his mom and he both say he is only 29.  I'll give him that...I don't want to count this year 40 39 either.  We had a yummy steak dinner and birthday cake...all spread out over the weekend...lots of family time and silly giggles.  We didn't move for three hours, playing Words with Friends on iPhones with eachother in the same room.  Awesomeness. 

THEN...Today is where it got quite exciting!  We went to pick up Katie from her Aunt Sissy's house, where she got to have a sleepover with her cousins.  That was a nice little break with great quiet time for me and her daddy.  We needed to run some errands...looking for a printer for William's mom (and we wound up buying one too).  So....on our way out the door, standing at the car, William is talking to a bird.  Yes, a bird.  Sitting like ten inches from him on our car.  He looked kind of like this one...I couldn't get a picture.  The bird was too mad to stay still long enough. 

This was one GROUCHY bird... Just as William was about to get in the car this bird DIVE BOMBED his head and screamed at him to "get out" in bird language (I really think that's what he said).  We thought it was funny and got lots of laughs, until he did the SAME THING to Hannah and I!  We ran like cheetahs into the car.  Then out comes Alex.  Uh oh.  He aggravated that bird a little too much and then we were all in for a treat.  A few laps around the cars and screams and laughter (from inside the car) and we have that bird so mad he declared war and had us all treed. We decided he must be the man of the nest and was protecting babies while momma was out getting groceries or something. 


We leave...go get gas...get a call that the other half of our party has no car keys...gotta go back.  Get another call...the BIRDS...have chased them back into the house, literally.  They are standing inside the front we drive back, throw the keys at them Napoleon Dynamite-style(oh, yes, we did!) out the car window to avoid the birds, and drive off.  

Now, you can't start a day without a big Sonic drink.  So we all order one.  We all got Route 44s except for the princesses.  First, out of the parking lot, the lid pops off B'ma's cup and tea goes everywhere.  Head into the 7-11 parking lot to clean up, turn the next corner, and my entire diet coke with vanilla (I'll shed tears over this any day) goes flying across the back seat into the floor, under the seats, up to the middle...back of seats...side of got the idea.  Those darn rubber mats in the car that aren't so attractive?  They saved our lives again.  So back to the house we go...wash the mats...wipe the car...say a few bad words. 
OK. Now we can shop. Or can we? 

Three stores later, lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, a grumpy preschooler, we bought a printer (well, two) and back home for
birthday cake a day late,
we are worn out.  Sunday night loafing couldn't get here fast enough.

Those darn birds are chirping in Sissy's chimney.  They are cursing us for disrupting their Sunday dinner.  Go listen. 

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