Friday, May 14, 2010


I am trying a new paper craft...letterpress.  Eeeek!  I love it.  I can tell you is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a long time to make sure the plates are lined up, paper is lined up, ink is even...but the result is absolutely stunning.  I have pictures for you, but it is hard to see the texture in the ink.  I purchased the starter kit L Letterpress from Quickutz (yay for Hobby Lobby coupons!) and got a couple inks and a package of paper. 

Here is what I like and what I am a bit mystified by so far.

First Run

1.  The plates for the letterpress seem a bit flimsy...I am worried I might split them running it through the Big Shot. 

2.  By the way, yes, it does work with the Big Shot, so I did not need to purchase the Epic machine. 

3.  The ink is very, very sticky.  And it gets everywhere.

4.  It is fairly simple to use, just a bit time consuming placing the paper guides and matching the plates up with your paper so that they line up and look nice.

5.  The cleaning cloths they sell separately...get them.  Baby wipes don't work too well, especially if the ink gets a bit dry.

6.  Also, you need to purchase the special letterpress regular cardstock won't take a press like this paper will. 

7.  I can see where this can be very, very, very addictive.  I want more plates...and ink...and paper.

Which one is your favorite? 
I like the flower. 


  1. I got my card today! I love ink on my fingers too!

  2. I would like to know why you haven't brought any finished products to school yet? Hmmm....?? :)