Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stress Eating

I feel bad about my neck.  It hurts....I'll tell spare you the details.  But for some reason, since my stomach is upset from the pain, it thinks it is hungry.  Today started ok...

  • protein bar
  • banana
  • cup of coffee
Then I decided I needed a few goldfish along the way.  Harmless, right?  Especially the cute little baby Goldfish. They even smile at you. 

B Days (we have a modified block schedule)at school are really long for me...teaching from 9:20-3:30...with lunch at 11:30, so I decided I needed fresh air and walked to Subway for:
  • turkey on wheat with light mayo, pickles, onions, bell pepper, and american cheese (I get that on every sandwich I order favorite)
  • BBQ baked lays
  • unsweet tea
Not bad, right?  Oh, I forgot to tell you about the cookies.  Yes, the cookies.  They are three for a $1.  So add:

  • oatmeal raisin
  • chocolate chip
  • sugar
I should have saved at least one for tomorrow, but I didn't.  What if they didn't stay soft? 

Then that afternoon, you would have thought there had been deprivation involved...because it went downhill from there...
  • another protein bar
  • three of Katie's tator tots from Sonic
Home and:

  • a few bites of leftover mac and cheese (why doesn't that stuff reheat well???)
  • a corn dog
  • pretzels
  • two keebler chocolate chip cookies (this is the ONLY brand to get---ever since my Uncle Gary worked for Keebler...)
  • a fun size milky way
  • a miniature Mr. Goodbar (yea, it was good alright)
  • a banana
  • a glass of milk
and I am still walking into the pantry looking for something...what in the world???  And I am NOT hungry.  But I am still looking. 
I found this book on a blog posting today that I think will be good reading for the next few weeks. 

If I find any answers, I will let you know.  And when my shoulder stops hurting from stress (which apparently does wonders for appetites), I will be back at the gym to burn off those cookies.  Add another week to my weight loss goal.  Dang.

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