Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making it Cozy

I've secretly been longing for a flea market style wall of all kinds of things like this one


And picture walls like this one:

so I started with mine like this
You remember that, don't you?  Those two awesome stapler paintings from my sweet friend Cassie.  And the cool orange stool from an estate find. I decided that my wall needed a little more coziness added to it, and more color.  So Katie and I started a little summer project today, and rearranged a little bit.  Here we are in progress:
We moved the two staplers to be above and below eachother, right together.  I think they look better that way.  Now that cool "C" is an estate find from an old store sign.  And the chalk board was salvaged from the boys old art easel.  I just ran some ribbon through the holes and hung it on the wall, with an old metal C that I found on another hunt.  I hope that thing doesn't fall off the wall because it might hurt.  Then we added the IKEA dog picture that the kids got me for my birthday a few years ago.  Isn't he cute?  And the tiny frames of traffic pics are IKEA too.  Are you sensing a pattern here? 
So here is what we came up with, all by ourselves! (Now the chalk board had to be cleaned several times in progress).
I printed one of my favorite sayings on the chalkboard and drew a little crown.  I also think I need to add a few more Cs that I might find later.  And maybe one or two more pictures.  Here is a final glance with the vintage sofa we picked up at an estate, along with the super fantastic Sears radio and rad black rotary phone on the end tables picked up by William on eBay.  What do you think?  
Is it better?

I promised William that I wouldn't move anything around when I cleaned today.  Ooops.  I did. 

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  1. I love it! Isn't it fun to redecorate for free! I am so glad you still love your Milton staplers! I had fun painting them.