Thursday, July 8, 2010

A better home (and a garden?)

Usually when I start making things, I look at all the card magazines and scrapbooking magazines for lots of ideas and ways to use all my "stuff."  But I have a few blogs in my reader that are for the home that keep inspiring me in a crafty way...for paper ideas.  

Look at this pillow from Dangerously Domestic.  I love it.  Her tutorial is in the link.  Beautiful for the bed, but I also see it in paper on a card too.  Don't you?  Maybe petals of vintage paper with a pretty ribbon center.  

Young House Love (super cute DIY home projects and ideas...on the cheap!) is having their Wedding Week.  Style Me Pretty just posted a bunch of neato paper ideas, including these pinwheels.  Oh, I want to make some of these!

And then, there is KFD Designs.  This girl has some skills.  She finds all those homeless, rickety, weird, or just plain ugly pieces of furniture, and turns them into gems that are snatched up the day she posts them.  Look at this cute l'il table/chest? she got a few weeks ago....I'll show you the after picture first. 
 And here is what it looked like when she picked it up.  Wow.  That's all I have to say. 
 Anyway, lately I have just been making what I want to make, so when I snuck out of the house (not without protest, so I didn't really sneak) to go to Michael's and Target by myself (halleluia!)...I did reach for the scrapbook mags first, but then I brought home something else...Better Homes and Gardens and BHG's Do It Yourself magazines.  I found a lot more in there that I swooned over than in the actual paper crafting mags.  Go figure?  Nah...just a little change of pace.  I've been churning out pretty things tonight.  That feels good.  
 I'll scan them for you to see too.  I promise.  
P.S.  You should never make a promise on a blog.
P.S.S.  I hope I can keep this one.  *wink*

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