Friday, July 9, 2010


Ha!  Gotcha...  You thought I was talking about the show?  Nope.  I went estate sale shopping today, sans kids.  Woohoo!  
And here is what I got.

Isn't that the coolest pink, green, and orange sheet?  Ooops, you can't see the owl in that one.  Bad camera photographer.  
Here he is:

And those boxes of cards are FULL, baby!  Yippee!  And that gown is pretty rad.  That's two for my collection. 

**Disclaimer:  Just so you won't feel bad for me tricking you into reading my post, I got so excited that when I came in to wash my hands from doing the photos, I forgot that dinner (chicken) was thawing in the sink.  Crap.  

**Oh, and I love using Picnik to edit photos.  Go play with it.  Go!

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