Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cool at the pool

Pool time has been fabulous this summer.  
It's so hot here. And it's always good to see your friends and let the kids play.

I spied our three little swimmers at Sarah's birthday party all lined up on lawn chairs sunbathing.  They were getting in position...

So I sneaked over there a little closer with the camera to get some cute shots.  Then I was caught, and Katie started fussing.

 Don't take my picture.

I mean it, mom.

Then, Bo thought he needed to 
adjust his chair. 

And then he adjusted it again...


Look at Caden (he's in the orange suit).  He looks like he's had it with the camera thing  and the other two subjects that he is having to help prep for the photo shoot.  Silly kids. 

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