Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm not one to repost much...

...but this morning, Google reader had some super tips and ideas that I couldn't go without at least giving some links.  

Today, I am inspired to clean out:
You Are What You Keep (socks and undies...goodbye non-sexy ones!  haha!)
Living With Lindsey (Goodwill...I didn't know how much donating had an impact on society)

To breathe:
A Beautiful Mess (rest is a good thing)

and to make plans for my own little show of merchandise someday soon:
Lune Vintage Blog (she has great tips for things you need to take with you if you decide to take your loot to pop-up sales...I want a trailer like hers.)

Fun reading for you!  I am pretty bored today.  Going to pick up my niece and take her wherever she wants to go.  This should be an adventure.  See you later, lovelies!

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