Sunday, July 4, 2010

In real life...

Like I said, part of the reason I went to Springfield was to shop but the other reason was that I hoped to find Red Velvet Art and maybe, just maybe, I would find Elsie there too.  And, guess what?  I did!  I have been a long time reader of Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, and I love how she inspires art, fun, and vintage style in her readers.  I am pretty sure that is how my owl collection got started, and I KNOW it is how I started taking a little artsy/thought provoking path with my scrapbooking.  Anyway, when we got to Commerce Street in Springfield, I found the store front to Elsie's shop:
(eeeek!  It is so surreal to find it since I feel like I know her by reading her blog...and here it is!)

See how Katie is looking at the camera?  Like, I really am not quite sure why my mom is freaking out over this.  So, I was peeking in the windows looking at all the super cute stuff she still has in there (she is opening a new shop soon), and I happened to see her brother working in there.  I started knocking on the door like some big weirdo, 

and when he looked up, I waved really big and got this giant smile on my face....and he came to the door...."You must be Doren!"....yes, he was.  I explained that I had been a reader of Elsie's blog for a long time, and that I came to Springfield to shop because of all the cool things I had seen on her blog and on Rachel's. Long story short, he took my number, Elsie sent a text a few hours later, and I got to meet her for coffee the next day.  How sweet was she to do that?  Super sweet.  I so enjoyed talking to her in person, and I think she is an especially smart business woman.  I have both of her books that she wrote and I so wish I had remembered to take them with me.  By the way, we had coffee at Big Momma's on Commerce...move over got nothin' on Momma.  
It was yummy!  
Here we are with Elsie at the coffee shop:

Katie liked meeting with Elsie too.  While we were talking, Elsie gave me more suggestions as to where to shop for vintage clothing, housewares, and furniture.  We talked about her shop, she showed me her mom's paintings in the coffee shop (so pretty!) and I enjoyed her company so much.  On a side note...  she sent us to Funtiques, and, OMG...the fun that was in there.  Vintage modern from floor to ceiling...not a giant shop, but I could have spent all day in there...and here is the super cute Mad Men gown I got in there:
(how many times can I say "super" in one blog post?)

LOVE.  I will be on the hunt for lots of these.  It is about the most comfortable, pretty thing I have ever had.  Thanks for sending me there, Elsie! 
So, this little trip to Springfield turned out extra special.  I think I was a little star struck, so please forgive me, Elsie, but thanks so much for inspiring me in person.   I came away with new ideas for my own little adventures, and that, was magical.


  1. yay!!! i'm so glad you had fun! & thanks so much for the hotel review... i really need to hear about a cute one. :) LOVED meeting you. come back someday. :)) elsie