Sunday, July 4, 2010

Springfield, revisited!

So, this was the most fun trip we have been on in a long time!  Of course, it was designed for a momma that likes to flea market and thrift, but I am so thankful that Mr. Miata likes to do the same thing...and he made the trip perfect!  
Let's start with the hotel:
 Here's Mr. Miata in his best rockabilly pose.  It was very, very vintage, as best as it could be, with the upgrades needed to keep customers happy.  The atmosphere was mod and these cool cars were parked out front.  We parked right in front of the door of our room...the kids thought it was super cool...Bo liked going to the front desk to get his toothbrush and toothpaste since he forgot his.  And he ate enough of the continental breakfast for all of us, both days.  Then he went back for more.  
Thank goodness for free breakfasts! 

One of the most awesome flea markets makes its home in Springfield, and all of the super things I heard about it before our trip totally made since once we got there!
I walked in and got immediately all giddy with all the vintage modern lovelies that were strategically placed throughout the whole place!  Now, where was that trailer we were supposed to pull up here to haul furniture back?  Hmmm?  We did buy a vintage robin's egg blue fan and a vintage lighted vanity mirror. But oh, I could have taken home the orange rocker or the black leather club chairs.  I'll get pics up for you in the next post!

We spent tons of time in Charley's, and then went down to Commerce Street, which is full of vintage shops 
for clothing and decor.  We bought at 50s/60s bowling ball and bag for a living room piece.  And the vintage clothing was absolutely fabulous, but we found better pieces at another shop (pics in next post).
After we got done with Commerce Street, Bodie looked like this:
And Katie looked like this:

And we all were happy once we got some pizza.  :)

 On the last morning, we went to a landmark in Springfield, 
Aunt Martha's Pancake House.  

The place was very busy, but we figured out why pretty quick! 
Look at this!!
And look at these two tough guys with 
their big glass of chocolate milk. 
 And look at this sweet little tired girl that really didn't care we were at Aunt Martha's until the eggs came out.

And then the coffee...

Bodie watched me drinks two cups and he looked at William and said, "Can we see about getting her a stuffed animal to talk to the whole way?"  Haha!  Then he asked,"Aren't you meeting Elsie for coffee too?" (yes) And looking at William seriously, "We really ought to get her a stuffed animal." 
Maybe I should have this instead.  :)

A very special PART II coming up next!!  EEEEK!  I had the most exciting experience while in the heart of Springfield.  And I have to show you the bounty we came home with, and that might include modeling the magical Mad Men style gown that I found at Funtiques.  Oh, yes, I have it in the washer right now so I can wear it tonight.  Yay!

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