Friday, July 16, 2010

On retreat...

I made it to Hobby House Hill last night for a weekend retreat.  If you haven't been, well, you're missing out.

Fabulous.  Already pampered and 
it hasn't even started. 

Lots of ladies getting lots of craft on.  And the food is awesome.  Awesome.  Not a care in the world, I'm buried in paper, and that is a super happy place.  Yay!

And Katie is having her own little reatreat at Sissy's.  I don't think 
she will want to come home!
Mac and Cheese...
Dropped Nonnie off for dance... 
("I'm gonna miss her." *sigh*) 

 Bubbles and the slide...
Sidewalk artistry...
And a late night snack (that's in her cheeks)...nite nite!
Sissy is exhausted, but Katie will have sugarplum dreams about what will happen tomorrow. Yay!
(sorry for the tiny photos in this iPhone was NOT my friend last night)

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