Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sharing Saturday...

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is a place I frequently fly,  and her post this morning was for Sharing Saturday.  So...I am sharing!

1) What do you do to spoil yourself?  Is there anything you do to indulge yourself when you're down or when you have reason to celebrate? I have my cup of coffee every morning in the peace of a quiet house, because noone is awake but me.  That is bliss.  Coffee with a good friend is always good too, and I love to find a new book to get lost in.  This week, I am reading Lean on Pete: A Novel (P.S.).

2) Are there any subjects (craft-related) that you would like to learn more about?
  I want to learn more about knitting, and I am really thinking about taking a blogging class to learn how to create all the cool backgrounds and buttons.  :)

3) What is something you have your young children do to learn work ethic and responsibility?
  Take care of our cat.  When you care for a living thing, you are responsible completely for its well being.  I have always believed that and I always will.  I grew up caring for all of our farm animals, and I think that sculpted a completely different perspective in responsibility growing up.

Play along, and link us up here so we can read yours too.  Have a happy weekend!


  1. 1) coffee outside on my back porch on a cool morning .. nothing is better than this ..
    2) i would love to learn more about lighting .. for my studio in the garage
    3) my kids take care of sophie .. our dog .. and help with the animals in the barn as well .. in addition to the general put your things ..

  2. Thanks for joining in Trina! I would love to learn to knit, too. Your advice on #3 is great as well. Thanks again!