Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barbie classroom...

Lately, Katie has been playing "school" and she tries to recruit all of us to be students.  Maybe Miko would sit there long enough?  Probably not.  
We happened upon some doll furniture today at an estate and lo and behold!  School house!  She decided Ken (really he is my Donnie Osmond that I used to play with) should be the teacher, in his leisure suit and bare feet.  

See his super cool desk and chair, and his  globe?  I want some vintage globes for my classroom.  Next to it is a set of lockers.  We got two desks, but one was missing the desk top.  Darn.  We will be scouting for that now. 

Here is Polly Pocket sitting in her school desk in her swimsuit, trying to ask a question.  Oh, I see a fun set of posts here, don't you?  
 Now to make sure that I sign Katie up for teacher insurance.  She's already breaking the dress code rules. Oh, and Mr. Osmond's trash can is a cute little barrel shot glass we picked up today. Creative of her, wasn't it, to dig it out of our bag of finds 
and use it for that?  
But, oh, she needs classroom supervision.

The teacher in me is all giddy that my little girl has a teacher heart too.   
Maybe we will teach together someday.  
Wait, how long will that be?


  1. Remember how you and Tammy made the boys sit thru "school" so you could be their teachers? mama, like daughter!

  2. I would love to visit your class, Miss Katie May... :)