Friday, September 3, 2010

What 11 pounds looks like...

Remember this picture?

Now look at this one.
(minus the dirty mirror, haha!)
and this one...

Whoa, sisters.  I mean, really, whoa.  I had no idea what a difference losing 11 pounds could make.  Smaller butt, smaller waist, smaller clothes, feeling healthy, much more energy, a lot less grouchy (I think...ha!) and overall improved image.  I am continuing my healthier eating plan, and I can't get enough:  strawberries, grapes, peanut butter, and whole wheat bread (in moderation).  I also eat lots of lean protein and fill most of my plate with vegetables at night.  Now I don't run away from all things bad...don't get me wrong...there are still Sonic Diet Cokes and my cup of coffee with International Delight creamer (Skinny Vanilla Latte), and I have had a few chocolate chip cookies.  But the key here has been moderation, and healthier foods about 80% of the time, instead of the crap I was eating before.  So, I am keeping up with my strength training at physical therapy, my running twice per week, and walking at least once per week...and keeping really busy all the other times.  One good change at work is that I stand at a computer station now, instead of sitting, which is not only good for my neck, but good for burning more calories too.  Yay!  
Now I am not near as embarrassed to show you that previous picture, either. *wink*
So, you know...we can be healthy lifestyle buddies...want to?


  1. I want to be your healthy lifestyle buddy! Good job friend!! You are looking awesome and doing such a great job! Keep it up! :)

  2. I am so proud for you! You are looking fab! Just keep on and think how you'll feel even healthier. :)

    I took inspiration from you and did pix of myself (In. A. Bikini. EEK!), and wow-wee. What a motivator! I'm not down any inches/pounds from those pix yet, but I am definitely stronger and more energetic. I'll get there though!