Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sharing Saturday...

(Ahhhh...the cooler weather makes me look forward to pictures like this.  I need weather like this all the time.)

I like Sharing Saturday...from  
so I'm playing again.  :) 
  1. Where can I get good coupons?   Specifically, birthday perks...I have signed up with some of my favorite companies and also "liked" them on facebook.  My birthday is this month, and so far I have money to spend at Vera Bradley, Victoria's Secret, and Starbucks.  FREE MONEY.  Yay for that! I also have received a few coupons from Michael's and also from Aerie that are a percentage off purchase. These get me my most favorite things at a much cheaper price, and I am all about that. 
  2. How can I make the Holiday season special this year with little or no money? Well, this one, I have to say...start early.  I bought all of the decor I wanted for this year, during last year's clearance at 75 and 90% off.  Also, I watch the toy clearance at Target throughout the year and stock pile if we find good deals.  I almost never buy right before the holiday...unless it is electronics for the kiddos.  Also HANDMADE is the way to go!  There are all kinds of super cute gifts you can MAKE.  Even if you don't consider yourself creative, here are a few of my favorite sites with simple tutorials:
    1. Made (check out her pillowcase
    2. Eighteen25 they are having their Halloween party with some great ideas!
    3. Moda Bake Shop  for quilters...this site is awesome.
    4. And you can't forget about Martha. She always has some great, easy crafts for every season.  Click on her Crafts tab on the home page.
And the last question:  Not just for the Mama's, but for those of you who have undergone a body shape change similar to a pre-baby body vs post-baby body scenario, how do you reconcile the body you had with the body you have? I had my second child 5 months ago and I'm not bouncing back into shape as quickly as I did and I'm having a hard time with it. My body is so different, it doesn't even seem like "me". How am I supposed to feel like me, when I don't look like me?   
Oh, so glad you asked!  See my post below...and please be my healthy lifestyle buddy!  I am not the old me...but a new girl with much more energy and health.  Let's go!

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  1. Trina,

    Thanks for all the great advice and thanks for playing along. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.