Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ho-Hum Lights to Fab 60s Globes...

We were meandering through an estate sale, particularly in a barn, a few weeks ago, sifting through tons of CB equipment and old china (weird).  The boxes crumbled when you touched them, and there was lots of dust.  Then...we found them.  Tons of vintage light in the box.  NEW.  A little more information from the estate revealed an owner of a few diners in the 1960s in Indiana.  I guess he kept them for spares all this time?  We loaded up a few, including a Danish Modern chandelier (I'll show you that after we hang it tomorrow), and some globes, and a few single pendant lamps.  Then we decided to go back the next day.  And we looked for the rest, and got all of them.  So much for cheap light fixtures that the builders hung in our house...they are out.  We started taking them down today and replacing them with these cool finds.  
Here is the supervisor of the entire process.  
He thinks you have to monkey around on the top of the ladder a bit.  
 Yes, we really must do something 
about this light, mom.
So we put Mr. Miata to work, using 
the drill on something besides a car part. 
And a few wire nuts (no, he wasn't the nut this time), some electrical tape, and NO injuries later (haha!) we had this. 
Much better, don't you think?  We liked it so much, that we replaced the one in the hall too.  So now we have this.  
 OK...I am off to go catch up on Mad Men, and see what else I can do to renovate 
my home in 1960s glam. 
 I so should have been Mrs. Draper.

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