Sunday, September 5, 2010

The zoo is better...

 ...if you take Grandma with you.  
We headed there this weekend to 
talk to the animals and 
enjoy the pretty nice weather 
minus about 20 degrees.
Happy kids.
Sleepy kitty.
I want to climb in there with her 
and just snuggle all over her.
What a pretty boy.  
He stayed right by the glass 
while we were there.
I bet you can't guess what animals are my favorite?  Well, really it's a toss up between the big cats and the owls.  But I have no pictures of the owls, sadly.
The meerkats drove a hard bargain for the cute award.  We watched this little guy let his friend dig and dig and dig a burrow while he supervised.   Grandma said she needed him to come help in the yard. Ha!

Coming up...
Part II of Grandma's House.  
It's breakfast.
You won't want to miss it, 
so don't be late.
(Oh, and this weekend coming up is Grandparent's I am planning a special post for that too.)

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