Monday, September 6, 2010

Dining experience...

Come have dinner with us.  We finished hanging our "new" Danish Modern chandelier today.  
Isn't it pretty? 
 It was found in a barn with the globe lights a few weeks ago.  Gosh, we found a gold mine if you ask us.  I never realized how changing a few light fixtures can change the whole look of a room, in just the direction we wanted it to.  It looks so much more like the mid century modern room we want now. 
Our table looks really sleek with it, no? 
Here is a closer picture...
And one more, that is a little dark, 
but you can see more detail...
I love the sleek wood pieces.
It was so nice to gather at the dinner table for dinner tonight, even if it was for sloppy joes and french fries.  And we didn't have to scoot over the piles of laundry.  Yay!

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