Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Very Busy Day

A little bit of grandma time is always good.  We visited William's mom last Friday and Saturday, and of course, lots of giggles and stories and shopping and food and playing.  We always have fun.  I wish the weather (i.e. 100 plus heat) would have been a little more cooperative.  That sure did put a damper on our shopping.  Anyway, we had dinner at Mimi's cafe (yummiest muffins) and went to Half Price Books for Katie and Grandma to find something to read together.  Then it was jammies and snuggles on the chair.  Bliss!

The next day, we headed out for some shopping in Fort Worth, and the heat just about did us in.  But we managed to get some school shoes for Katie.  She's been asking for Skechers Twinkle Toes for a long time.  We found them *wink* at Payless, much cheaper.  But, every Cyndi Lauper dressed little girl needs these.  So cute!
Especially with an orange tutu.  
Don't you think?  I love that she has a wacky sense of fashion.  It makes me happy.

Next post up is Thrifty Tuesday!  Katie and I made Anthropologie inspired headbands and we love them. 

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