Saturday, September 25, 2010


My sweet friend Jenny posted about sounds she loves today and I decided I wanted to play along.  (I think the Oreo crunch IS her favorite sound, even if she says not...ha!) So, here is the my ears...
  1. The pure quiet in the morning before anyone else is up but me.
  2. The sound of the coffee pot finishing up for the first cup.
  3. The kids saying "I love you, Kate." and "I love you too, Buddy."
  4. Belly laughs from the little girl in the house.
  5. My cat's purr.  
  6. Puppies that talk. If I were you, I would watch all of Oscar the Boxer's YouTube videos...*giggles*
  7. The peaceful quiet of snow falling.
  8. The vacuum cleaner...wait, wha????...yes, that means the floors are clean.
  9. Christmas music (do you see a theme here?)
  10. and....above all....laughter....from my friends, my family, and people that pass...that means there is joy. 
What sounds do you love?  

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