Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blog love....Treats!

I'm always looking to get out of the dinner rut.  And sometimes it's a big rut.  You can only eat enchiladas and goulash and baked chicken every week time and again...before you start looking for a box of Cap'n Crunch just for a change of pace.  Enter these creative, tasty sites, and it's all good...and here are also  favorite recipes that got five stars at our table!
  1. Picky Palate:   Our very favorite from her is BBQ Shredded Chicken and Caramlized Red Onion Ranch Spaghetti.  Long, long name, but worth every bite.  This BBQ sauce will make you tell yourself never to buy it bottled again.
  2. Our Best BitesNaughty Cornbread....oh, my.  It is sooooo sweet and moist and goes with just about anything. And, yes, it's naughty alright.
  3. Bakerella:  Well, who doesn't love her?  Melissa and I are standing in line next Thursday in Dallas for her book signing.  Yippee!! 
  4. From Scratch:  She's the cute little sister of the talented Elsie Flannigan, and she has some fabulous baking talent herself.  This is a new reader feed for me, and her cupcakes look mouthwatering.  She will have a sweet shop in the new Red Velvet opening soon!
  5. Posy Gets Cozy:  She's not all cooking, but you will also love seeing the pics of her kitties curled up in her crochet, and her sweet Corgi's puppy dog eyes....oh, this is a place to sit with a cup of coffee and stay a while. 
  6. And last, but certainly not least...The Pioneer Woman.  I'm sure you all have her on your feed because you can't get those Buttered Rosemary Rolls out of your dreams, right Jenny? *wink* If you don't have her cookbook...well...that's just wrong. 
Tomorrow, Cassie has two *new* recipes she's whipped'll be at the store and in the kitchen quick! I think I'll just drive to her house and see if she will share.  I'll bring the coffee, dear.

Oh, and go check out Katy's new blog.  Hi, Katy!  I'm hoping she'll stop by and post her pizza recipes. 

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