Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I took a picture...(my 60s home)

...hoping that my clean house will last longer.  And, I also found some thrifted things that I had forgotten about that found their way out this weekend.  So here are some sneaks of my home...my almost 60s home...we're getting there!
Cute little owl coasters and a favorite, favorite gift...my mom's Franciscan Hacienda Green set of dishes from her wedding shower.

 Still love my Danish table and chairs, and the sweet chandelier found in a barn. The record player cabinet plays William's dad's big band albums for visitors.

 Did I show you this neat star light that twinkles in color?  I love it.  And I found these 1965-69 Better Homes and Gardens Furnishing Ideas magazines at a garage sale this weekend for a $1. I have some neat reading material, don't I?

 Miss Betty isn't vintage, but she sure does match my granny chairs well, doesn't she?  She's official now...we got our adoption contract and her vet records and tags yesterday.  
Yay, Betty!

 That Sears Radio...it reminds me of Mad Men.

 These little kitties make me smile. $1.99 at the thrift shop.

 More of my mom's dishes, and look at the little hoot owl napkin!

 Here are his brothers. They were buried in my linen drawer and I found them this weekend again, ironed, and put them out to use!

Back later with another yummy recipe to share for Treat Week.  Share some recipes of yours with me!  Link me up...yum.

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