Thursday, October 7, 2010

I need therapy...

You know...

...the kind where your only worry is how many magazines you can read in one sitting.

...the kind where you share a pot of coffee, then make another one to share again.

...the kind where you can talk all night long, or say nothing at all and know that it's ok.

...the kind where you only hear the sound of your heartbeat.

...the kind where you find your voice again, and you can speak clearly.

...the kind where you realize where you are and how you got there. 

...the kind where you find peace.

 ...the kind where you can regroup, refocus, and be ready to start again...on schedule.

...the kind where you find answers.

...the kind where you can listen to yourself, and not anyone else. 

...the kind where you don't hurry. 

...the kind where you find the center of gravity and let yourself be pulled there. 

...the kind that only God can provide. 

...the kind that renews faith. 

...the kind where you don't struggle over decisions.

It's there.  I've found it before.  
I'll search again.  Then rest.  
And breathe.

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