Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Can you see it in my face?

 The 15 pounds that are gone, I mean?  

Here is an update on my know...from the big, ugly post I put up about two months ago.  

Arm:  .5 inches gone...I like to think that the bat wing was replaced with muscle, because really, it has been.
Thigh:  1 inch gone.  Yay!
Waist:  (wait for it...wait for it....)3 inches gone!!!
Hips:  1 inch gone

There you have it!  I will take some body shots when I have those pink (show every dimple) shorts on again for a walk.  

Now, some of the cravings are back...and I have dipped into some cookie dough, cake balls (oh, Melbud, you make the best cake balls), and some yummy treats that aren't the best choices, but one thing that I have stuck with faithfully throughout this whole process is portion control.   I still eat lots of fruit (love the red grapes that are recently tasting like CANDY they are so sweet) and try to fill my plate with lots of vegetables (mostly frozen ones)...and I have still stayed away from carbs except for small treats every now and then (until my mom got a Godiva cheesecake for my birthday party...oh, man...was that ever hard to stay away from)...and I am hoping that I keep these kinds of choices and portions so that I can maintain what I have lost...

As far as exercise, it has been mostly strength training with my own weight and with bands.  I had a nasty cold recently that kept me from walking too far, and from running altogether.  Allergy season has not been friendly. This week, though, back to my C25K plan again.  Week 2 is my best friend!

I have changed my goals a bit...for a few, I know that I have gained some muscle weight to replace the fat, and two, I am much happy with what I have accomplished so far.  New weight goal:  145...that's only 5 pounds away, sisters.  Five measly pounds.  Off by Halloween, I think?  I bet I can!  There's a sexy witch costume with my name on it.  *grin*

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