Sunday, October 3, 2010


 Not too long ago, my grandma sent over an entire Kirby vacuum box (vintage Kirby box, by the way...) full of old patterns.  The two in the pictures are a couple of my favorites.  My mom said I would want the vacuum box 
as much as the patterns...well, yea,  
 My grandma used to own a fabric shop called "The Sewing Box."  I remember going to spend the afternoons there and my brother getting in trouble for playing in the thread.  Of course, I didn't get in any trouble there...I was only "sorting" merchandise as I remember it.  Right, Grandma?  Anyway, back to the box.  I found some pretty 60s patterns in there that I want to make, and now that I am down almost two full sizes, I feel like I should treat myself to a little sewing project, don't you?  And, my little blog has missed some crafting lately.  So....first to find some fabric (maybe Joann's or Quilt Asylum?), and then I will share.  
 Favorite vintage fabric online shops, anyone?
Oh, and on a side note, I love the thought of making something with oilcloth. Hmmmm...the sewing wheels are spinning.

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