Sunday, October 3, 2010


  Saturday, I took little miss princess to the Olivia party at Borders with my sweet friend, Melissa, and her little diva, Peyton (she is a diva, but, oh, the cutest little diva) 
 The girls weren't too interested in the reading, (they found all the Olivia dolls) and the lady kept mispronouncing Olivia's little brother's name...and of course, Mel and I kept correcting her with whispers ...that's not how you say it...but, they had a drawing after the reading and little Peyton won a book and CD.  Yay!  
 Katie picked out an owl (go figure) and I picked out two Olivia books for her because we had coupons (coupons are good)...
 ...and little Peyton got an 
Olivia doll
that she loves. 
Then we took the diva and the princess 
out for a walk to Panera Bread for lunch.  Yum.  We ordered the mac and cheese for the girls, but guess who ate most of it?
Awww....happy day.

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