Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kitty Love

I'm a crazy cat lady.  I don't have 100 cats.  But I love cats.  We have had our cat, Miko, since October of 2004, and have had a few dogs to play with him since then.  I'll tell you more about them later.  But lately we have been looking for what we thought would be a kitten to add to our fuzzy butt branch of the family tree.  Craigslist proved to have some weird ones...not cats...but weird cat owners...I mean, really weird.  One lady met me at the door drunk with wild hair and told me she didn't have a cat to sell...that it was her I hurried Katie back in the car and we decided that adoption from a shelter or rescue was our best bet.  I sent William picture after picture...
and finally, I sent him this.
I expected an ugh..yeah..whatever...but I got, "I like her." What? off we go to Petsmart the next day to meet Miss Kylie.  They put us in a little room to interact with her, and she prissed around with her fluffy tail straight up in the air, dainty little footsteps, nosey little nose, and pretty little self...she came up to meet all of us...and we fell in love.  So, ...with a few meows (well, really, a lot of meows) in a shelter cardboard animal carrier that her super sharp nails fit through holes (ouch...for me...I held her)...she came home...and slowly but surely we introduced her to Miko.  You remember him...Here he is.
On his (he owns everything we have) blanket.  Mad.  "Mom, really? What the heck did you do that for?" And here is Kylie...
but now her name is Betty.
Being quite the little princess...face in the sun...not caring what Miko thinks or not.  Miko has done a little bit of hissing and growling, but now it is more hissing and talking.  And they have gotten within a foot of each other.
Betty likes my granny chairs 
just like Miko does. there nothing better than 
a kitty snuggled up for a nap? 
 I think Miss Betty "Pumpkin" Curran is going to be taking lots of naps at our house.  We like her, and we think Miko likes her too...he just won't admit it yet.  I think it's kinda funny that we have adopted/rescued both of our cats just before Halloween.  Oh, and by the way, she got her name from Mad Men.  
Yep, she did.

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