Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pen Pal Prompt #2


I got my two letters written last night on pretty little vintage "Just A Note" folded cards.  Remember those?  The ones with the gold seals that were decorated on one side and then you write the letter on the other, fold, seal, stamp, and mail?  Yay!  My stash of vintage paper has a purpose now...besides me just going through piece after piece admiring the era of letter writing.  

Here is your next prompt!  Write a letter to your momma (especially if she is about to come get the kids to give you and your hubby a date weekend...ha!)...or your child...or an immediate family member. 

Keep the smiles from mailbox coming!


  1. Hi Trina! I'm commenting on your blog. I like the writing prompts. Do we put them in the comments section or email them to you?


  2. Hey Shelly! Put them in the comments...glad you are playing along! :)