Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pen Pal Prompt #4...Almost there!

I think I have a new hobby.  Writing.  Not typing...I do that all day at school...but writing...with pretty Sharpie markers on vintage stationery.  I've now gone through a stack of Just A Notes from Current.  I used to make wish lists of cute stacks of paper and notes from them.

Here is prompt #4.  One more, writing hens, and we are finished; unless, like me, it has become a habit for you. 

Write a letter to someone you are missing lately...this could be someone who has moved or that you have moved away from; someone who has been on your mind and in your heart; near or far; just someone you need to see in person to give them a hug.  Write this letter on extra special, very pretty paper.  Seal it with a wish, and maybe they will appear at the coffee shop and sit beside you for a long awaited visit.

I know just who is getting this letter from me...I miss her.  

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