Friday, October 29, 2010

The Last Letter! But I hope not...

(here's a bit of a letter that my mom wrote 
to her parents when I was a baby...isn't that neat?)

I hope that this week you have:
  • found a new love for the handwritten letter
  • remembered how you used to write notes in school
  • read some old letters you've kept for years
  • thought about bringing back a long lost art
  • made someone smile
  • and used up some stationery that might have been packed away and replaced with technology
Your last prompt...but the first of many letters I hope you continue to write...send a sweet note to your spouse or your best friend.  You can tuck it in their lunch box or pack it in their bag they carry to work.  Mail it to the office, or put it on their desk.  Stick it in their front door at home or sneak it in their mailbox. I bet they'll be surprised, but I bet they'll have a much better day too.  What a way to start the weekend!  I've had tons of fun this if you have too...comment here and tell me how many letters you wrote.  The random winner will get something fun to write their next letter with.  New pens are the best, aren't they?  Especially ones that write smooth, don't bleed, and come in pretty colors.  Thanks for spending time with me!

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