Thursday, October 28, 2010

We met Bakerella!

Bakerella is a Goddess. She's the royalty of cake pops...and cake balls...and she has a fabulous blog.  She was in Dallas today, and Melissa and I took some comp time from school and drove down to meet her! We pretty much squealed like teenage girls in the line while we read went gaga over her book...the lady in line next to us would just turn around and grin and shake her head.  Then when we got to her table, we squealed some more, took pictures, and I had her sign my owl page...what other page WOULD I have her sign?  Who cares that we were surrounded by Williams-Sonoma yumminess (pumpkin butter, cupcake mixes, Christmas treats)...we were meeting Bakerella!

Then she signed our cookbooks.  Here's my owl page with her pretty signature!  See? She was super sweet and giggled with us...we threw her off course getting her to sign a different page than usual.  High maintenance fans.

So glad we made it there before they tapped the line!  What a fun day for me and my buddy.  Time to go bake some cakes!

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