Thursday, November 18, 2010

Click, Chics!

Today I am participating in the Chic Click Carnival, which will allow me to find new blogging friends and new places to shop!  (Maybe I can knock out some Christmas shopping in the mean time!) So...

Hi!  My name is Trina, and my blog is Feed the Birdies, named after my two sweet (but grown) little boys who used to finish a Happy Meal and feed the birdies by tossing fries out the car window.  I like to craft, read, and save money...and love to have my spot on the web for "me" time that is much needed!  Take a little look around my blog; you might especially enjoy our Treat Week, especially the Coconut Cream Pie with the Praline Bottom,  with the holidays approaching so quickly.

Right now, I have been talking about how I am finding new ways to save money and pocket some extra change for gift giving and spend less on groceries.  Target is my favorite store!

One of the blogs I found on our peeps widget 

that I just adore is, Mama's Losin' It!  I love the way she writes...and look!  She has a writer's workshop

This is a weekly prompt post that gives you an idea of what to write about with a link posted to her blog.  I love to write, and I think I have found a new place to nest for a while and be creative.  Fun!  

So, come play along and put your blog in the Chic Clicks Carnival.  See you on the Merry-Go-Round!

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  1. What a cute blog and blog name!! I'm off to check out your should link it up to my Love the Pie Party!! there are lots of prizes you can win if you link up a pie and link back!!