Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Target! A little bit lengthy!

*Disclaimer:  You may have heard some tips like this around town or from other blogs, but this is how I roll at the red store.  :)
C'mon...admit it.  You live there too, right?  I spend so much time in Target, they know me... Since they opened up the Super Target right by my house, I am not sure if I could live in a place where it didn't exist a mile down the road.  Really.  I buy groceries there...get prescriptions filled there...go there to de-stress and window shop...and get Starbucks.  So, I have become Super Target Girl...and have figured out just a few things that help save bunches of bucks.  
  1. Sign up for Target mobile coupons.  You can do that here.  They text them to your phone, you click the link, they scan the bar code on your save... easy! (Yes, mom, they scan your phone!)
  2. I used to buy the Sunday paper for $3...for the Target joke.  Now I get it at customer service in the store.  But don't let one go past...there are usually coupons in there for $10 gift cards if you fill a new prescription or transfer a new prescription.  I put $10 in my Christmas shopping envelope today...because I needed a refill that had to be renewed.  Cha-ching!  This happens at least once per month, but twice in the last week, because we needed two filled. 
  3. Target is very good at tracking purchases via debit cards.  And, they will send coupons in the mail or print them at the register.  You can combine Target coupons with manufacturer coupons, and save tons at the register.  I go to buy groceries and normally have about $20 taken off my bill...sometimes about $40 one time.  WOOHOO!  And it was all stuff we buy. I am hoping to get better and better at this and buy most of our food for about 25% of the price.  Watch the sales and combine the coupons with a sale...that's how to really get the full benefit.
  4. Shop the clearance.  Holiday clearance is awesome, especially when it is 75-90% off.  I buy July 4 products to decorate my classroom since our school colors are blue and red, and Halloween is always good for someone who likes to wear black.  :)  Christmas?  Well, I packed away all kinds of cute little baubles at 75-90% off last year, for a fresh new look this year!
  5. The Dollar Spot.  I love Spot.  He's cute, isn't he?  I have a neat little project to share with you in the next day or so that I am using for a gift.  Stay tuned! It's super cute, and a great teacher gift! (Teachers love gifts!)
  6. Target radar for family.  I watch for clearance for people I know and the things they use, and have been known to make phone calls or send texts with updates. 
  7. Get on their mailing list.  The Target Christmas toy catalog is loaded with coupons.  They also send little booklets of grocery coupons all the time.  Put a $5 off a $50 purchase coupon with a $10 prescription gift card and then Target coupons and manufacturer coupons...all together...and you walk out with a basket load for much less than you could elsewhere, including WalMart. 
Hopefully this post will help you save some money just in time for the holidays.    I hope your Target isn't too far from you...and, no, they didn't fill my purse with $10 gift cards for typing this. :)

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  1. That store is my home away from home as well. Thanks for the information!