Monday, November 15, 2010

A little bit about money...

I am always looking for ways to save money. Everything is expensive.  Everything. I sent my mom an email today, fussing about how much the cost of living is these days; how this month is a tight month again, and...But, we are so fortunate to have what we have, live where we live, and have the insurance and health, family, and support that some people only dream about.  Sometimes I think, "Oh, we'd be happier if we had...", or, "I wish our house was that big...", and that we had a pool, or a new car (mine is only five years old, and I plan to drive it another five if it will go that far), or that we could take a dream vacation to Scotland or New York City.  But instead, I find that I am happier, basking in the smaller things...finding my little girl sitting on the potty with sunglasses on,  my son on his scooter learning new tricks, watching Modern Family and The Office with my husband, or listening to my older son getting so excited about going to get his permit this week (Oh, goodness, that can't be right, can it?) Anyway, off the soap box...I think this week I will share some tips that I have learned this past year about how to save a little bit here and a little bit there, ...and how laughter and happiness comes really from experience rather than purchase power...and how maybe one day, if we play our savings right, I'll have my vintage Airstream trailer all refurbished to it's original condition, (or a VW bus...oh, yea, I'd drive it)...that we will pull (drive) all over the United States on that dream, stay tuned!  It's almost Christmas, anyway, right?  When we all start wondering how Santa does it every year. favorite place on earth!  Well, except for home, that is. 

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  1. I love those vintage Airstream trailers. I'm going to refer my wife to your site so she learns some saving tips... Hahaha