Friday, November 12, 2010

It all starts with one...

Not too long ago, Mr. Miata declared I have too many owls.  I don't think that filling up the fireplace mantle is too many, do you?  (oh, it's an Owl City?
...sorry, I couldn't resist that one...listen while you read *wink*) They're fashionable and hot decor items, right?  Yes!  But, I can see where it turns into a madness and every little feathered friend wants to come home with me.  So...

How about a new collection?  Shhhhhh....don't tell him.  Well, I already did. I have decided that Betty Crocker (me) needs Pyrex in her kitchen.  My vintage finding friend, Natalie, has been collecting it for a long time and she knows lots about it, and she inspired me to find pieces in Butterfly Gold.  Except we might fight over them.  Ha!  Anyway, one sale yesterday lotted one oval casserole...the one you see above.  Now it's a starts with one, and suddenly my eyes are delicately preening every estate sale picture online looking for a tiny glimpse of Pyrex in the kitchen.  
And Etsy loves Pyrex too.   
Here are some I hope will be 
prettying up my kitchen.

Mixing bowls here.
Gravy server here.

 Casserole here.
Butter Dish here. (haha! I just picked one of these up for Natalie not too long ago...)

...and there are many more...I really love the casserole dishes.  I'm hoping Grandma has some in her cabinet.  Or Mom.  
Don't you have the mixing bowls?  *grin*
P.S.  Did you know that Owl City song is about them thrifting the material to make a hot air balloon?  Awesomeness.


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