Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to change the car oil wearing a hair bow....

Little missy thought Daddy was doing some super fun stuff in the garage the other night; changing the oil in the Miata.  She helped.  And, oh, was Daddy down with that. 
First you have to make sure you are wearing Daddy's gloves, because our mittens 
got a little messy.  
  See this thing right here, mom?  
You gotta do this.  
 And you need your step stool from the bathroom so you can see everything. 

 Take a break and make sure the 
lug nuts are tight. 
Make sure your hair bow is on just right, and that you have a messy do.  Girls that work on cars don't mind a messy do.  (Good thing that bow is black, I'm thinking) 

This oil change took a good hour.  I had some peace and quiet and Kate and Daddy had some good quality instruction time for when she starts driving.  Won't be long, will it?

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