Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Healthy, Happy Me

(After yesterday and my Bakerella wanna be act):

An update!  I am very happy with my progress, and I am  only one pound from my goal weight....145....so that means that when I weighed in today, the scale said 146!  Yay!

Weight lost:  19 pounds
Waist:  35 (4 inches lost!!)
Hips:  39 (2 inches lost!)
Arm:  11 (.5 inches lost, but muscle gained, baby! My massage therapist told me I also had great pecs for a teacher...haha!  Yes, I work them!)
Thigh:  20 (2.75 inches gone!) 
That's a total of 9.25 inches total...wow.  Awesome. 

Anyway, my diet has stayed pretty much the same as the last update.  I don't eat near as much as I used to (four months ago) but I do treat myself...right?  You saw that I did yesterday. And the truth?  I didn't eat that cupcake right away. I didn't really want it after I baked it. (what?) And that is totally ok.  Because, if I do treat myself, I don't binge later.  That's the secret. 

I still do lots of strength training with my own body weight while Katie and I watch cartoons at night.  And I try to get a walk in a few times per week(I could so be doing better on this, I honestly have been a slacker)...some weeks are better than others.  Now I am working on getting Mr. Miata out there with me so we can take Kate on bike rides and walks.  I also do some supergirl cleaning sprees, and sheesh, that would work the poundage off anybody...keeping up with the messes this family makes.  I promise, we can wreck a house in 30 minutes flat.  No kidding.  I went to bed last night just flat exhausted.  At 10:15.  That's when I sat for the first time yesterday.

Anyway, my fruit loves...still strawberries and bananas...love them for breakfast with whole wheat raisin bread and peanut butter.  Or, I mix one egg, one little bit of shredded cheddar, a few tablespoons of milk, and pop that in the microwave.  Yum.  Today I added a crumbled strip of fully cooked bacon.  Double yum.  Lunch is something quick, and sometimes it's not the best, but then others it's applesauce and a little bit of last night's dinner.  Dinner as usual... whatever my family likes, but that is not really a bad thing.  (We had baked chicken and vegetables last night) I try to pile on and eat the vegetables before anything else.  

Pictures this week some time.  I promise.  I took one of me in my super cute nightgown, but I decided that...maybe not.  Ha!  It's too big now anyway.  Yay!

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  1. wow!! awesome job on the weight loss and inches lost! i know from experience how hard it is.