Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Morning routine...

Well, this isn't a typical morning.  I was up at 4:10.  Before Mr. Miata was up, even.  I reached over and nudged him to make sure he was up.  I usually hear my alarm at 6:20, push snooze twice...and then I'm up.  Not today!  Good morning! 

I thought it would be fun to share my morning routine (an idea I had yesterday...and no intentions of sharing it THIS early)with you.  These are the things I do every morning..even being the spontaneous person that I am.  I stick to it...or somebody has to deal with a grouch.
As soon as I get up, I brush my teeth!  Blech...night-time mouth...I can't stand it and it's the first to go. Crest with Scope Outlast, please!

Off to the kitchen to brew my coffee.  (Right now, it's Dunkin' Donuts breakfast blend, I think) I only have a four cup maker because I'm the only one that drinks it.  That fills one Starbucks mug to the brim, with a little creamer.  I am a sucker for new flavors in the dairy case (love the new sugar and spice from Carnation).  

I can't drink milk in the morning; it makes me sick to my stomach.  But I will eat cereal, and that is what's for breakfast most days.  Sometimes it's peanut butter toast or peanut butter toast with sliced bananas.  Yum.  I eat it usually standing in the kitchen while the coffee brews.

Then, it's quiet time.  Yay!  I park at the computer and read email, check Facebook, and read my blogs on my feed.  The house is wonderfully at rest, except for me and little miss kitty cat that thinks she needs to explore my desk.  

I hop in the shower, usually a few minutes late from enjoying the quiet a little longer than I should have.  My favorite shampoo (because I MUST wash my hair every morning...can't stand it if I don't):

Face time!  I've been using a new eye cream (40 made me realize that it is VERY important to take care of my face...and I have always been pretty good about it...but now even more so)...and I see a difference in just about two weeks!  Here, try this:
Add the moisturizer (Mary Kay) to that.  And that's my foundation.  I can't stand to have liquid foundation on my face.  Weird?  But give me moisturizer, mascara, eye liner, and lip gloss, and I have a five minute makeup routine that gets me out the door in a snap!By the way, I have always worn Mary Kay mascara, but I got this one free in my hair color a while ago, and it's awesome! Cover Girl Volume Exact.  I like the brush on it.

It's time to dry my hair, and flat iron...ugh...it takes forever now, but that's ok.  I'm glad my hair is still thick and long.  And my Chi flat iron makes it much easier.  Along with a kitty sitting on the counter that watches every move.  She wants her hair fixed too, I guess. (Really she just wants a pony tail holder to play with).

Add lotion...all over...your skin gets drier as you age...I've always dealt with oily/combo skin, but not so much anymore.  Here's my favorite:
And then top it off with this.  Ahhhhh...this smells so good.  Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue.  Go get it.

I don't usually pick my clothes out the night before because I will just change my mind in the morning anyway.  So, I dash to the closet and grab a few pieces...usually something black...it's slimming, you know...and goes with anything...and try to find shoes that I won't be hating by 10 AM.  No heels for this teacher.
See?  Black...with a cute little denim mini and leggings.  Comfy!

That's it!  (not including getting the littlest princess ready) Whew...long post....I'm tired.  Miko is too. He needs to be snuggled. And there's a little girl that climbed into momma's bed this morning. (She's snoring...isn't that cute?)

I think I have about 20 minutes I can spare for a nap before I start this routine in real life.  Happy Tuesday!

P S Wouldn't it be fun to see what Melissa, Cassie, and Jenny do in the morning?  And you? TAG!

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