Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pretty Christmas Things

I've been visiting lots of sweet little blogs for tutorials so that part of my Christmas is handmade, and oh! the pretty things there are! Here are some projects that made the top of my list...and are in production now...and a bonus, their blogs are must reads!
 (sources below)

1. This gathered clutch by Noodlehead. Don't look if you are a girl in my family... *wink*
2. This felt circle garland on the mantel by Living with Punks.   Oh, how I love her blog. And I love the title. I call Little Miss my punks all the time.
3. The polka dot stockings are precious too. I think my kitties need one, don't you?
4. These felt trees from AllSorts. Look how sweet and jolly their blog is dressed for Christmas. You can't help but be inspired and joyful!
5. We have a large family gathering for my mom's side of the family, and I think the little ones would love this Paper City from Made by Joel. And, he has downloads for accessories so the boys can drive cars while the girls make the people pretty. That should be a little bit of a distraction while they wait to open gifts!

The house is all decorated in vintage Christmas goodies, so I will take some pictures and share tomorrow. What's on your list to make? I would love to find out!


  1. the paper city is such a cute idea! great idea for decoration too!!! i am making my gifts too, every year i do...it has been so fun giving people i love things i made with my heart and hands!


  2. SO cute!! you find the cutest stuff!