Monday, November 29, 2010

Tiny Dancer...

Little Miss had her first dance performance on Saturday night at our city Christmas gathering downtown.  She was so excited to finally be on stage and I thought for sure that she would be a little bit apprehensive about being in front of tons of people.  Nope.  She marched up on stage, looked out in the crowd, and blew them all a big kiss.  See for yourself. She's the third from the left.  

Now, isn't that the cutest thing you have seen?  *grin*  I like the delayed reaction at the end, too.  Ahhhh...precious! And that Shirley Temple song makes it all the better.

Her cousin is also a beautiful ballerina (she did the same dance that Katie just did when she started dancing).  She will dance in The Nutcracker again this year, en pointe!  So pretty.   Look at these girls ready to dance for the city!

and before the show with Momma...

and Daddy... 
with Mimi... 
 and B'ma and Sissy... 

and on stage she goes! 

and here is pretty Hannah on the left...(sheesh...I wish I had legs like that!)

First recital in two weeks! 


  1. so precious and priceless all bundled into one :) thank you for sharing a bringing a smile to my face

  2. someone looks just like her momma!