Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mr. Miata

My sweet aunt commented that if someone didn't know me, they might not understand who Mr. Miata is.  His nickname is Mr. Curran, AKA darling husband.  And this weekend wasn't Thanksgiving for him, it was Christmas.  You see, to earn the name Mr. Miata, you have a second passion..the little MX-5 convertible...that you take your future wife spinning around in on your first date.  We have two.  One is supposed to be mine, but I'm not sure that he(Mr. Miata) or she(the car) realizes that.  About a year ago, there was quite the little fender bender (not the mister's fault, thank goodness) that made Widow (Miata #1) go from this:  

(yes, I got to drive it in the track parade...woop woop! haha...)

to this (ouch):

I must say that this little car (and all other Miatas) is a mini tank.  The poor guy's pickup in the bakcground didn't fare so well(neither had serious injuries, thank goodness). We have since decided that the kids will go to autocross school once they complete driver's ed. Good idea all the way around.

This weekend, we picked up the car after long awaited repairs, and look!  Isn't it pretty?
And isn't he cute?  The boy, I mean. 
Widow got a color change, and the color does change with the light.  It's a pretty cobalt blue metallic that sparkles in direct sunlight, turns dark blue in shade,
and looks black at night.

 We made a few other mods (we don't have stock cars in our family) on the hood and tail, and I am sure somewhere else...
Isn't our next date night going to be fun?  Where should we go?


  1. ahh it's so pretty! I love the blue shiny color :D

  2. Go cruising north and take highway 5.....FUN!