Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving on the farm...

 Instead of taking the traditional nap after lunch, we opted for a little adventure on my parents' place (The Biggest Loser told us to take a walk...did you hear that?).  

Gracie and Myrtle wanted 
William's jeans for lunch.
 They are funny girls. They started talking to us as soon as they saw us coming. 
 What?  That city boy 
is petting a donkey?
 This is Sweetie Pie. 

 The cows had hay. 
 Poor Ugly (yes, go ahead and tell us we're awful...that's her name)...she is getting old, but she liked us coming to visit.
 Doesn't Sweetie Pie look 
like she enjoyed her banana? 
  She says turkey and 
dressing just aren't right. 
Who did you feed on Thanksgiving?


  1. oh my gosh the donkey is so cute!!! I fed my daughter? haha

  2. i adore these animal pictures...i have always wanted a farm full of animals to mingle with...these donkeys are to die for :)

    i fed me, myself and i :)

  3. Beautiful post :D i’m new on blogger :D if you want to follow me i’ll follow you back :D xoxo

  4. ah look at those faces! what fun :)