Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I have not shown you those cute little owls I mentioned yet, have I?  Well, they aren't done.  I got them put together tonight except for the eyes; but, oh, the tiny eyes!  (I think it's time for a Sharpie makeover). They might just do me in.  Anyway, since you have to wait another day or two, here are some cuties to tie you over...Target has my heart, still.  

And then there are these cute owl place cards that were featured on Bump Smitten today...via Courtney at Flush Designs.
I know...I squealed too!  
You gotta love blog hopping, don't you?


  1. Those little owl place card holders are AMAZING! I love owls...they make me smile! And so does your cute blog!!

    I'm following! ;)

  2. those are adorable! i thought of picking ones up like that for thanksgiving decorations, but the birds won that round. maybe some white ones would be cute for christmas decor!

  3. can't wait to see your owls!! I love the second one!