Monday, December 20, 2010

Just a little break!

I'm blogging from my phone...on the go...trying to get things all wrapped up! Shopping is done but for one gift. Tree was moved and redecorated (I guess the kitties thought it needed a redo), and I made something(s) cute today...the Chrysi pin from Living With Punks.

Won't the girls love them to finish their scarves or coats? This one is two shades of gray...for me. We had three completed in about 30 minutes if you are looking for a very pretty last minute gift.
I have a new feature planned for the first of the year, and I tried to make some plans today for a sneak...but I think I'll leave you hanging instead. If I don't see you this week, come back next week for holiday updates and plans for a bright, shiny new year! (oh, and has my camera had the biggest workout ever these last few days...) I'll leave you with Katie's version of a family photo (can you tell she heard more than one person this weekend fuss at the other 50 to get in their spots to take the picture already? Haha!)

Merry Christmas, sweet readers!

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