Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My girl and me...

Katie and I spent the whole day together and it was a super fun, magical, all girls' stuff kind of day.  It's in the plans to have many more of these...everyone should have a little girl to go and do like this.  Sister, niece, daughter, mom....go put on your best (or your sweats because girls don't mind)...pick them up...and head out the door with nothing to worry about except reapplying lip gloss....or lipstick (more on that later). 

We started out deciding that Kate needed a haircut, but who wants to pay a fortune for a straight cut (unless scissors and hair cause nightmares for you) when you know for sure you are quite capable?  So I cut it myself.  We took off about three inches, and oh, the cuteness that we got out of that.  Here's the picture we sent to daddy as soon as we hit the road with her new 'do. 

Then we stopped at her preschool and left some holiday cheer for her teachers, in the form of the Chrysi pin, via Living with Punks.  Yep, we have made lots of pretty and so easy!
Aren't they so cute?  
The teachers loved them.  

Stop 2: we went to hang out with more girlfriends (and two boyfriends) for lunch, at one of our favorite places to eat, Joe's Italian Bistro.  Yum.  Mannicotti, spaghetti, Joe's Tortellini, pizza, garlic yeast rolls, and salad.  And the best kind of girl time there is...all wrapped up with a precious new little one!  
 He has the softest snuggles there are. And look at that little girl on my shoulder...*sigh*
 And here we all are, all with kids now (little one is hidden under blankets), and the greatest friendship.  

Now, I know that you noticed that I have NO makeup on in these pictures.  It's not that I wear a lot anyway. I went without this morning because I had plans for another little outing with Miss Kate (she's at the age that makeup is oh, so fun to play in).  I had heard about a new Clinique product that might help me with those rosy cheeks of mine, even though now is the season to have rosy cheeks.  I don't love them.  So, off Katie and I go to the Clinique counter in Dillard's for a makeover.  Believe it or not, that was my first one ever at a department store.  And here we are after.  What do you think?  (Other than my gray hair needs a new color too...haha!)
I think I like it...and I think after Christmas I will go back for a set...  It sure did get rid of the extra red in my skin.  Nice. 

Finally, we topped off the day with toppings...on frozen yogurt at another favorite sweet spot.  Yum.  Egg nog with pomegranate seeds and chocolate chips on mine, and Cookies n Cream with Gummi Bears, Fruity Pebbles, nuts, marshmallows, and M&Ms on Kate's.  
She ate it, too. No kidding.
 Want to come with us next time? 

OK...I said I wasn't blogging this week, but I am finding that it's a necessity to visit with my buddies.  Yay!


  1. You did great with the haircut! She looks beautiful! :) I heart frozen yogurt. Yummy!

  2. What a fun day! I love spending time with my nieces. They are so loving and sweet and I always feel so refreshed being with them!